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Mr. Luca February 22, 2016

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This is Luca (or Mister Luca as I call him).  This photo of him was taken at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival this past autumn.  He has more wool now, but he isn’t terribly keen on being photographed.  Mostly I get shots of his behind.  And while it’s a nice rear, it wasn’t what I wanted to show y’all.


He has been visiting our farm since right around Christmas.  He will be the baby daddy of any lambs born this spring.  I know that many of you are wondering why I put Mister Luca in with the girls so late.  Well, simply put, because I didn’t need early lambs.  Since my sheep are being raised for wool, having early lambs doesn’t really give me any economic advantage and a lot of weather related disadvantages.  Iowa in December, January and February can be very nasty and temperamental and COLD!  So, if I don’t need to be lambing then, why would I?  My girls were all born in May and June themselves. 

Luca will need to go home to Wisconsin soon.  I will miss having him around.  Hopefully I will be seeing his face everywhere in a few months….


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